Anderson, et al. v. The City and County of San Francisco, et al.

 United States District Court Northern District of California |  Case No. 4:20-cv-01149-DMR

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Pre-Settlement Survey of City and County of San Francisco Employees’ Military Leave

Plaintiffs Devon Anderson and Beverly Sweeney have sued the City and County of San Francisco (“the City”) on behalf of a class of similarly situated employees alleging violations of federal, state, and local laws related to military leave. The parties have agreed to mediate Plaintiffs’ claims to explore potential settlement and provide a Pre-Settlement Survey to gather information to help the parties understand the claims and its scope and decide whether to reach a settlement.

You are receiving this Pre-Settlement Survey because you are or were employed by the City on one or more occasions between October 20, 2004 and the present, and may have taken a leave of absence from your City employment because of your military service.

Completing the survey does not entitle you to any monetary compensation at this time. If the Court approves any settlement, you will receive a separate notice.


This Survey must be submitted to the Administrator either online at, using your CPT ID and Passcode, by email at, by fax at 1-(949) 419-3446, or by mail at the address:

Anderson, et al. v. The City and County of San Francisco, et al.
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Please submit your responses to the survey by no later than March 1, 2021. It may not be possible to fully consider responses submitted after that date.

If you have any questions, please visit , or email or call the Administrator at or 1-(888) 373-2581.

If you need additional space to answer the Survey, please attach additional sheets.


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